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Student Information Systems

Simplify asset management and help desk tickets with school system SIS information. This integration creates a streamlined flow of data for student and teacher information, efficient processes for device management, help desk ticket management, parent access, and a closer look into device history and fees.

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Single Sign-On

Give users the ability to log in to their accounts with their existing log in information, increasing data protection, and access oversight over their data.

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Human Resource Information Systems

For even more oversight, integrate school system HRIS information with One to One Plus. This integration creates a seamless flow of information to simplify support and data management for all users.

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Mobile Device Management

MDM and Asset Management when integrated, reinforce accountability and tracking. By integrating all your device information, every team member will have the crucial insight into how all devices are being utilized. 

A Few of Our Integration Partners




Follett Aspen


Azure Active Directory

Infinite Campus

Sapphire K12

eSchool Plus

Office 365

Google Admin Console



J Campus




Plus many more!

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