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A few of our features:

Asset Management

Import, track, and manage all your assets in one place.
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Asset Assignment

Assign and collect devices while tracking assignment history.
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User and Inventory Profiles

Import and update detailed user profiles.
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Incidents and Service Orders

Request, route, and complete tasks and service orders.
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Electronic Signatures

Upload policies and agreements, collect signatures, and track user compliance.
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Invoice and Payment Process

Create invoices and collect payments for fees and other charges.
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APP and Automated Workflow

Receive alerts, update data, and scan from a mobile device.
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Dashboard Console

Interact with graphs and charts including drill-down detail reports.
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From the beginning, we worked hand-in-hand with a wide range of school system professionals to ensure that our solution was spot-on in meeting the specific needs of school systems.  Since that time, we have helped school systems across the country implement an Educational Technology Management System that they can count on.  As the product has evolved, there have been even more successes as we continually improve our solution so that school system processes are more streamlined, automated and integrated.
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Our team members understand education and provide expertise in a wide range of areas including asset management, deployment planning, deployment execution and device preparation among others.

We love to talk to school systems about their current processes as well as share our knowledge and experiences from other school systems to help them develop best practices.  Best of all, we do this initial consultation for FREE.   

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Our Team


Burt Lancaster

Founder, CEO

Burt is passionate about providing a great solution with unmatched support while having a lot of fun along the way.  During his career, Burt spent more than 25 years in executive roles building successful software companies.  Despite that success, the dream was always there to own his own software company.  In a crazy turn of events, several school systems presented him with a need and One to One Plus was born.  Burt would love to tell you the entire story sometime with all of its twist and turns.  But for now, let’s leave it at “some things are just meant to be”.
Staff__0000_Taylor Davenport Photo

Taylor Davenport


Taylor is a pragmatist that possesses a wide range of experience having worked in expanding technical roles over the years.  While he still enjoys coding, his real love and passion are creating useful solutions to real-world problems.  One to One Plus is the perfect opportunity for him to do what he does best: take complicated problems, break them down, and use technology to make them manageable.  Taylor roadmaps the development of the solution by asking two key questions:  “What do our clients want?” and “Does this make the solution better for the customer?”.

Landon Lancaster

Director of Client Services

Landon is passionate about problem-solving and being there to supply the customer’s every need.  He is a people-person by nature and possesses a unique gift for helping people.  As Director of Client Services, Landon’s work motto is simple: “If the customer isn’t happy, then nobody is happy”.   If you have a question, an idea, a suggestion or if you just want to talk a little One to One, give him a call.  He would love to talk to you. 
Staff__0002_Ethan Davenport Photo

Ethan Davenport

Lead Developer

Ethan is a full stack web developer that has a wide range of experience. He comes from a background in Aviation Maintenance Quality Control where he developed his knack for problem-solving and a keen eye for detail. If you have a technical challenge or a suggestion for a better way to do things, bring him a cup of coffee and chat about it. There’s nothing he’d like better.

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We would love to help your school system simplify and integrate your educational technology management.

If you are like most school systems, you have a mismatched solution for managing assets, one-to-one, work orders, and more.  We provide the all-in-one solution with the features and functionality you need to successfully manage educational technology.

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