K-12 asset management and help desk software streamline school operations by efficiently tracking and managing assets, ensuring optimal utilization and providing swift technical assistance. In essence, these tools contribute to a smoothly operating educational ecosystem.One to One Plus helps with chromebook management software for schools, K-12 chromebook management, K12 chromebook management, K-12 chromebook management software, K12 chromebook management software, Chromebook management for schools, and Chromebook management for schools.


K-12 Technology Management Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

K-12 Asset Management and Help Desk Software

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Asset Management

Consolidate and manage all your technology assets in a single system

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Help Desk

Simplify and streamline your entire ticket management process

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Students, Staff, and Locations

Easily import, update, and assign devices to students, staff, or specific locations

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K-12 asset management and help desk software

Mobile App

Access your data anytime, anywhere with ease using our mobile app

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Award Winning Software

The Solution Built for K-12 By K-12

Say Goodbye to Piecemeal Systems

Asset Management

Easily assign, collect, and track devices

Manage all your school systems assets and devices in a single system.

Access a devices history including user and ticket history.

Integrate with your current MDM and other systems.

Generate invoices and collect payments for damaged devices.

Plus much more


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Help Desk

Resolve help desk tickets faster and easier

Users can easily create tickets using custom forms via email.

Tickets capture email communication between users and technicians.

Access detailed device and user information related to tickets.

Update, create, and close tickets on the go with mobile app.

Plus much more


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Parts Management

Keep track of your parts and orders

Add, edit, and manage parts including order details.

Track part quantities on hand, on order, and used YTD.

Receive email notifications of parts falling below minimum quantity.

Add parts used for repairs directly from a help desk ticket.

Plus much more


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Students, Staff, and Locations

Track student and staff data with ease

Data imports automate adds, moves, and changes.

Receive email notifications to identify newly added and inactivated students. 

Quickly view student, staff, or location history.

Capture electronic signatures for both students and staff.

Plus much more


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Mobile App

Access the software anywhere, anytime

Available for both use on both iOS and Android devices.

Assign and collect devices using the phones camera as a scanner.

Submit, manage, and update help desk ticket information.

View and manage detailed asset, student, staff, and location information.

Plus much more


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Productivity Tools

The information you need for better management

User dashboard provides a high-level overview with drill-in capabilities.

Rules and workflows automate routing, actions, and notifications.

Scheduled automated reports on daily, weekly, or monthly frequency.

Create and save custom reports to meet your specific needs.

Plus much more


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Seamlessly connect to your existing systems

Utilize single sign-on options to access the software.

Automatically create and update student and/or staff records.

Import and update assets using API connections to multiple MDM solutions.

Disable devices using bi-directional connectivity.

Plus much more


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Discover Why Millions of K-12 Users Choose One to One Plus

Our clients include school systems of all sizes across the nation
technology management
chromebook management

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Our Customers Tell Our Story Best

Jamie Steenberge

IT Supervisor, Saranac Central School District

“Implementation was a breeze. We provided the data for inventory and any other things (ie – active directory connection info) and we were up and running quickly.”

Barbi Ernst

Technology Director, Clifton ISD

“The support and implementation teams are incredible. They are very patient and do a great job of explaining everything that you need to know, and a lot of things that you did not know that you needed to know in a way that you can use. They are also open to new ideas that come from day-to-day use of the system. Any time we have questions or suggestions, the support staff is ready to help and listen. One to one plus is one of the best things to ever come out of a Google Search for our school.”

Fredrick Hunter

Technology Coordinator, Fort Wayne Community Schools

“I totally love using One to One Plus and it is a huge benefit to our school district which allows us to train and give access to school secretaries to help with device check in/check out with student devices. Thank you for the great software, services and support that One to One Plus always has to offer.”

Lane Blake

IT Director, Fowler Elementary School District Forty-Five

“It’s not good… It’s Great! Honestly I have been very impressed with all aspects of implementation, function, and even patience on the billing end. Yes, it’s a business, but it also has a personal feel. Another example of that is the support team’s willingness to listen and add or modify custom features to meet our needs. My experience with other products, you put in your input and maybe someday it will get implemented with One to One Plus. They will get on the call with me, understand our needs and then either show me a good solution, or else work with their team to fix, or modify, or create a solution for the issues we have experienced. Love your tools and service!”

Terry Wilken

Director of Technology, Byron Community School District #226

“On top of everything you get with the product itself, you can’t beat the support you receive from the entire One to One plus team. The team at One to One plus make every step of the implementation process and questions you may have go smoother than any process I have ever been a part of.”

Ethan Dancy

Technology Support Manager, Iredell-Statesville Schools

“The One to One Plus team has been fantastic in regards to response time, helping to improve the way we do things, and supportive in our ideas that we would like to see added.”

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K-12 chromebook management

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See how our K-12 Asset Management and Help Desk software can help you and your school system

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Got Questions?

Let us answer some of the most often asked questions

From the beginning, One to One Plus was built to meet the specific needs of school systems.

One to One Plus is used by school systems of all sizes from small, private schools to some of the largest public school systems in the nation

The One to One Plus software is always evolving with new features and enhancements being added to the software.

Our award-winning support team is quick to respond to any of your questions and are available via phone, email, or live chat.

Our certified implementation team coaches clients through every step of the setup process and provides training to your staff on the features and functionality of the software.

The One to One Plus app is available for both iOS and Android and enables users to complete a wide range of functions.

One to One Plus provides API connectivity many of your current Student Information Systems (SIS), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and other software solutions.

The software is a subscription model that allows unlimited users, assets, help desk tickets, etc.

The software includes unlimited usage by unlimited users as well as support, hosting fees, updates, and backups.

Clients tell us that the software is very affordable for school systems of all sizes and a fraction of the cost of other solutions.



Business Hours


8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Phone Number

(877) 395-6586




101 North Pine Street,

Spartanburg, SC, 29302

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