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Popular Features

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Staff, students, and parents can easily submit help requests using custom forms.


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Help tickets can be automatically created and routed via emails.
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Custom rules allow users to route, update, and provide notifications about tickets.
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Email correspondence is automatically captured and attached to the ticket.
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Create, access, and update tickets using the One to One Plus mobile app.
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Generate, print, and email invoices for device damages directly from the ticket.

Plus, we integrate with your current software systems

Submit and Resolve Help Desk Tickets with Ease

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Manage your school system's tickets

Gain useful insights using a centralized ticketing system.

Simplify ticket request

Provide custom entry forms so it’s easy for end users to request help.

Create invoices for damaged devices

Generate invoices directly from tickets, including standard charges for damage types.

Access related information

View detailed information related to a ticket including the user, the device, and the device ticket history.

Manage loaners and spare devices

Assign loaner or new devices directly to a user from the help desk ticket.

Gain anytime, anywhere access

Use the One to One Plus mobile app to update, create and close tickets.

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Integration Is Your Key to Success

Learn how One to One Plus’ integration can benefit you and your team.

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Asset Management

Stay on top of your school’s technology.
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Parts Management

Track and manage your parts inventory.

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Student, Staff and Locations

Manage your user and location data.

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Mobile App

Access the software anywhere, anytime.

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Productivity Tools

Become more efficient and effective.

Schools Like Yours Are Streamlining Their Help Desk

Renee Andrews

Technology Specialist, Franklin County Schools

“This software has streamlined our technology management by combining our help desk ticket system with our inventory. We can create an invoice that ties everything together. There are so many things we can do with the program. I’m not sure how we made it before One to One Plus. It has definitely been a plus for us!”

Karleen Partak

Director of Technology, School District of Osceola

“Support has been very prompt and kind. I cannot say enough about how much I have been supported by the One to One Plus team. We are so pleased with the software and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a inventory management and ticketing system.”

Bobbie Tuggle

Technology Director, Monroe County Schools

“The support is amazing! They answered every question I had and even continued to follow up with me after I was comfortable with it. This program is awesome and I highly recommend it!”

Zachary Whitlock

Sound and Lighting Technician, New Canaan Public Schools

“You guys have built a genuinely amazing product and are always trying to make it better. You display great care for your customers and the students they serve.”

Mary Collins

Lead Technician, Scotland County Schools

“I think your support team is awesome. They get an A+ from me. You can call any time you are having an issue and they are right on it. Thank you for continuously working to make this product the best it can be.”

Todd Stone

Network and Systems Technician, Northeastern Clinton CSD

“Support from One to One Plus has always been spot on. In the beginning we were always asking for help with imports and processes for certain functions. They were phenomenal and would either explain the process to us or even do it for us if it was a one time procedure.”

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Learn how the One to One Plus software can help you and your team.
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Let our K-12 professionals show you how our software can meet your school system’s specific needs.
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Get access to our library of short videos to take a self-guided tour of features most important to you.
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Request Pricing

Our team will put together a proposal customized to fit the specific needs of your school system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff and students can easily log into the software to create tickets including several single sign-on options.

The One to One Plus ap allows users to submit tickets using a quick entry form.

The software provides permission-based roles to limit which users can access options in the software.

Ticket entry forms are completely customizable in the software including the ability to limit which users see each form.

Users can email ticket requests that are automatically converted into tickets and routed appropriately in the software.

The software provides a rules area to create automated workflows and notifications based on actions taken.

Each technician will have access to a specific My Ticket area that displays only their tickets.

Custom queues can be created including members of the queue and tickets automatically routed and assigned to a queue.

Details about the user and asset are readily available from the ticket screen including the ability to drill-down to specific ticket history of an asset.

Users can quickly assign loaners or new assets from the primary ticket screen.

Technicians can easily update notes in the software including using note templates as well as flagging notes as public or private.

Images and files can easily be added to a ticket for supporting documentation.

Email correspondence is supported in the software with all emails and replies automatically added to the ticket.

Invoices can easily be created, printed, and emailed directly from a help desk ticket.

The software provides the ability for technicians to add the parts they use on a ticket.

One to One Plus provides an app that enables technicians to access, update, and close tickets from their mobile device.



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