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Stay on Top of Your School’s Technology Management

Asset Management Made Easy

K-12 chromebook managment software

Students and staff are assigned individual devices. Educators are equipped with interactive teaching tools. School systems are responsible for what can feel like an overwhelming amount of technology. To efficiently manage it all, you need an asset management software that enables you to assign, manage, and audit all your assets in a single system.

Popular Features

K-12 chromebook managment software
Track and manage all of your devices and other technology assets in a single system.
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Automatically import and update device information using API’s to Google, Microsoft, Mosyle, and others.
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Assign and collect devices to and from students, staff, and locations using barcode technology.
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Track asset history including help desk tickets, user assignments, invoices, and more.
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Print multiple formats of bulk and individual asset tags directly from the system.
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Conduct audits for sites, device types, funding sources, and others to reconcile your asset inventory.

Simplify Device Management

K-12 chromebook managment software

Touch-free assignment

Assign devices directly from your MDM system based on a users initial login without ever scanning a single barcode.

Streamline device assignment

With our rapid deploy option, users can quickly assign devices by utilizing barcode scanning.

Collect required signatures

Find missing devices

Conduct device audits for specific sites or device types to protect your school’s investment.

Track device information

Access important information on device specifications, purchasing, and funding source.

Unlock a device's history

View detailed device history, including assigned users, help desk tickets, and invoices.

Connect to your existing programs

Tie your existing systems – Google Workspace, Microsoft, Mosyle, etc. – directly to the software using API connections.

Generate asset tags

In one click, print asset tags in bulk or for individual assets.

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Everything You Need in a Single Software

Learn how One to One Plus’ integration can benefit you and your team.

Help Desk

Resolve help desk tickets faster.


Parts Management

Track and manage your parts inventory.

technology management

Students, Staff, and Locations

Manage your user and location data.


Mobile App

Anytime, anywhere access.

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Productivity Tools

Become more efficient and effective.



Connect your existing systems.

Be More Effective by Managing Your Devices in a Single System

Gary Lambert

IT Administrator, Beekmantown Central School District

“We now use One to One Plus for all aspects of our department from inventorying new devices, to issuing them and tracking device repair, to end of life disposal. One stop shopping for all our device tracking and management needs.”

Kerry Morgan

Chief Technology Officer, Kershaw County School District

“We have been very pleased with both the quality of the product and the support that we receive. We use all the modules – deployment tool, asset management, and help desk system. The mobile app has allowed us to go paperless and saved us a tremendous amount of time.”

Jason Paddock

Director of Instructional Technology, Spartanburg School District Two

“One to One Plus helped us unify our various inventory methods in one place. This allowed easy access to important information for our entire organization. It has been very helpful.”

Daniel Newman

Applications/Database Analyst, Hamblen County Board of Education

“I am receiving quick and very prompt support with any issues that I may have encountered. I have also noticed that there is a stream of improvements and development.”

Krista Gray

Media Specialist, Anderson School District Three

“This program is far superior to Follett Destiny for cataloging and inventorying technology in a school and district.”

Experience the Power of One to One Plus

Learn how the One to One Plus software can help you and your team.
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Custom Demo

Let our K-12 professionals show you how our software can meet your school system’s specific needs.
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Demo on Demand

Get access to our library of short videos to take a self-guided tour of features most important to you.
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Request Pricing

Our team will put together a proposal customized to fit the specific needs of your school system.

Got Asset Management Questions?

Let us answer some of the most often asked questions

The software provides a standard CSV import template to make it simple to import assets in the software.

One to One Plus integrates with a wide variety of MDM solutions to automate asset adds, moves, and changes.

The software provides a simple-to-use assignment and collection feature using barcode technologies.

Users can use the One to One Plus app to assign and collect devices using the devices camera as a scanner.

Using the bulk assign feature, the software can quickly assign or collect multiple assets at once.

Fields throughout the software can be customized for the options that you use in your school system such as asset types, models, and many others.

The software does track custom funding sources for assets and allows reporting on the assets associated with a funding source.

Detailed purchasing information can easily be captured or imported in the software.

The software provides a wide range of data about each asset including OS, Mac Address, Support End Dates, Last Active, and many more.

Images and files are easily added to the asset record in the software.

The primary asset record provides quick links to the assets ticket, user, and invoice history.

Inventory audits can be customized for specific asset types, sites, funding source, etc. and then conducted by scanning asset tags.

The inventory process automatically reconciles assets to quickly identify missing assets and those in the wrong location.

The software provides a wide range of options and templates for printing asset tags.

Assets can be easily updated using either the Bulk Update option in the system or using a CSV file to append or change data.



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