At One to One Plus, our mission is to develop software solutions to simplify, integrate, and streamline educational technology management for school systems.

Built for education from the very beginning.

The idea for One to One Plus originated during a by chance conversation between our founder and CEO and a few school technology professionals. He learned that there wasn’t a software solution designed to meet the demands of educational institutions today leaving gaps and siloed information. There were a lot of asset management products. And some work order systems. But none of those products offered a singular, integrated solution to manage it all. Education professionals needed and wanted a solution that would enable them to bring together 1:1, asset, and work order management into an integrated, easy-to-use software.

From the beginning, we worked with technology and instruction professionals to determine the specific needs of education. We then set out to develop this unique solution that would revolutionize the way education managed technology. Guided by these school system professionals, One to One Plus was born and grew into the national award-winning solution that it is today.

Some things haven’t changed that much from our early days. It’s a privilege to serve educational institutions and we value the partnership with each one that continues to drive our product development today. We follow the same processes by working hand-in-hand, side-by-side with education technology and instruction professionals across the United States. This front-line experience ensures that our product continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of education.

Software to simplify, integrate, and streamline educational technology management.

With more technology and devices in the hands of users than ever before, it’s no surprise that one of the greatest challenges facing school systems today is properly tracking and managing all of this technology. Most school systems today find themselves using multiple non-integrated systems and manual processes to try to accomplish this massive task.

From the start, the One to One Plus software is designed to be an all-in-one integrated 1:1, asset, and work order management system built to meet the exact needs of education. Our software includes modules for asset management, asset assignment, user and location profiles, work order management, electronic signature collection, invoicing and payment collections plus much more.

With One to One Plus, you get a national award-winning solution coupled with our best in industry customer support staff and tools. These two together ensure an exceptional client experience every time.

Big or small, our solution is built for school systems of all sizes.

Our current clients range in size from small private schools to some of the largest school systems in the United States. From the start, we intentionally built our solution to be customizable and adaptable to meet the needs of school systems both big and small.

There is no plug and play, one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to One to One Plus. Our team understands the needs of education and the best practices of technology management. This enables us to get to know your school system and your processes. We then work side-by-side with you and your team to build out One to One Plus to fit your specific needs.

Our Team


Burt Lancaster

Founder, CEO

Burt is passionate about providing a great solution with unmatched support while having a lot of fun along the way.  During his career, Burt spent more than 25 years in executive roles building successful software companies.  Despite that success, the dream was always there to own his own software company.  In a crazy turn of events, several school systems presented him with a need and One to One Plus was born.  Burt would love to tell you the entire story sometime with all of its twist and turns.  But for now, let’s leave it at “some things are just meant to be”.

Staff__0000_Taylor Davenport Photo

Taylor Davenport


Taylor is a pragmatist that possesses a wide range of experience having worked in expanding technical roles over the years.  While he still enjoys coding, his real love and passion are creating useful solutions to real-world problems.  One to One Plus is the perfect opportunity for him to do what he does best: take complicated problems, break them down, and use technology to make them manageable.  Taylor roadmaps the development of the solution by asking two key questions:  “What do our clients want?” and “Does this make the solution better for the customer?”.


Landon Lancaster

Director of Client Services

Landon is passionate about problem-solving and being there to supply the customer’s every need.  He is a people-person by nature and possesses a unique gift for helping people.  As Director of Client Services, Landon’s work motto is simple: “If the customer isn’t happy, then nobody is happy”.   If you have a question, an idea, a suggestion or if you just want to talk a little One to One, give him a call.  He would love to talk to you.

Staff__0002_Ethan Davenport Photo

Ethan Davenport

Lead Developer

Ethan is a full stack web developer that has a wide range of experience. He comes from a background in Aviation Maintenance Quality Control where he developed his knack for problem-solving and a keen eye for detail. If you have a technical challenge or a suggestion for a better way to do things, bring him a cup of coffee and chat about it. There’s nothing he’d like better.

Want to Join Our Team?

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