“”Everything you need in one place. That is the easiest way to describe what we get with One to One Plus.
The information that we used to track in four separate systems, as well as other manual processes is now all in one system.””

Rock Hill School District

The Solution That Makes It Easy

Affordable, Web-Based, Easy to Implement, Simple to Use, Designed for Education

Asset Management

The consolidated management system that tracks related users, incidents, and funding sources
with integrated barcode capabilities.

Asset Assignment

Quickly assign and collect devices to and from students, staff, or locations while tracking assignment history.

User and Inventory Profiles

Detailed student, staff, and user inventory profiles that are updated via SIS interfaces and include related assets and incidents.

Incidents and Service Orders

Enable users to easily submit a service order request digitally which routes to the proper technician for completion.

Electronic Signatures

Track compliance status by uploading your agreements and enabling users to click the appropriate selections and sign electronically.

Invoice and Payment Process

Automatically generate invoices and collect payments for malicious damages, lost devices, and other charges.

App and Automated Workflow

Automatically send alerts, notifications, and updates triggered by system events.

Dashboard Console

A graphical representation of data contained within the system with easy-to-use filter and detail expansion.

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