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We are always available to answer any question that you may have. Often times, we have found that users have the same questions. For your convenience, we have answered some of the most popular questions below.

Is the software web-based?

Yes. The One to One Plus system is a web-based software that does not require any additional hardware purchase.

Is there a mobile app for the system?

One to One Plus has a mobile app that enables users to access work orders, close work orders, scan barcodes, as well as other functionality.

Can I use the system to track things other than 1:1 devices?

Absolutely. One to One Plus is designed to track all your educational technology equipment.

Can I have multiple system administrators for the system?

In the One to One Plus software, you can have an unlimited number of system administrators based on the needs of your school system.

Are there roles set up in the software?

There are multiple roles available within the system. These roles have rights and restrictions that are custom for each role.

Can I restrict users to certain sites?

Yes. You will have the ability to restrict a user to an individual or multiple sites.

How many assets, sites, and users can be in the system once it is purchased?

Your subscription to One to One Plus enables you to have an unlimited number of assets, sites, and users without the need to pay additional licensing fees.

Can I use an LDAP connection for my staff logins?

The LDAP connection provides users with the ability to use Active Directory credentials to log into the system.

Can I create custom reports?

The system provides many standard reports while also enabling users to create and save custom reports.

How do I get the assets into One to One Plus?

Assets can be imported from CSV files or using API’s that connect to Google, Windows, JAMF, and other sources.

How do I get my staff in the system?

Staff records can be automatically imported using links to SIS or Active Directory, as well as standard CSV file imports.

How do I get students in the system?

Student records can be automatically imported using links to SIS or Active Directory, as well as standard CSV file imports.

Can I import data myself?

Sure. But if you need assistance, we are just a phone call or email away to help.

Can I drill-down from the dashboard?

The dashboard charts and graphs provide the ability to drill-down to detail records with the ability to export the data.

Can I use barcodes and print them from the system?

Yes. You can utilize barcodes to access records, as well as assign devices to users. The system provides barcode printing for assets, students, staff, and locations.

Is there a way to quickly assign devices?

With the use of barcode technology, users can rapidly deploy devices.

Can I quickly access associated information for students, staff, or locations?

There are quick links built into the software that enables access to details related to assets, student, staff, and locations.

Can I add carts to the system and assign devices to them?

You can add carts to the system and assign devices to a cart. Additionally, carts can be assigned to a school, room, and teacher.

Can I track the funding source of assets (i.e. Title I, Erate, etc.)?

All assets can be tied to a funding source and reports generated to create an inventory list for the funding source.

Can users create work order request from the system?

Users can access a quick-entry form that generates a work order request that is routed to the technicians and help desk staff.

Can I collect multiple signatures in the system for acceptable use policies and other forms?

The system provides users with the ability to collect electronic signatures for an unlimited number of policies or forms.

Can I bill for technology fees from the system?

You can bill for technology fees and collect those fees directly from the system.

Can I invoice for damages to student devices?

You can create invoices for any damages, as well as route the invoices through school administration for approvals.

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