Florence 1 Schools Maximizes Technology Inventory Management Efficiency

“With thousands of new devices to manage, it would be impossible to handle our upcoming 1:1 fleet rollout without a comprehensive system in place. The One to One Plus dashboard is a single pane of glass for us to see and efficiently manage our school district technology.”

— Kyle Jones, Chief Technology Officer, Florence 1 Schools


“With thousands of new devices to manage, it would be impossible to handle our 1:1 fleet rollout without a comprehensive system in place. One to One Plus is a single pane of glass for us to see and efficiently manage our school district technology.”

Kyle Jones

Chief Technology Officer
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Florence 1 Schools is located in the heart of South Carolina’s Pee Dee Region. It serves approximately 16,000 students at 23 education sites and is the 15th largest school district in South Carolina.


The Challenge:

Unite all 23 schools into a single, all-in-one system to efficiently manage inventory, help desk tickets, students, staff, and more.

Florence 1 Schools was preparing for an upcoming 1:1 fleet rollout. After assessing their internal needs, the school district administration came up with the following challenges that required immediate attention:


Schools were disconnected from each other.

Over the past years, each school had separately come up with its own system for managing assets and inventory. Moreover, several schools in the district had adopted multiple systems to meet those needs. However, this posed a challenge for the district administration to be able to view device usage across all schools and plan for upcoming maintenance and replacement programs.


Outdated, manual methods of inventory management needed to be replaced and modernized.

Schools had become accustomed to using outdated inventory management methods like manual check-ins and check-outs of devices, messy and complicated excel spreadsheets, and, in certain cases, even the good old pen and paper.

These processes were putting a serious strain on the staff and were highly ineffective for tracking missing devices, collecting trends on device usage, their lifespan, and more. Without this crucial information, the school district administration was unable to accurately assess the needs of each school, strategically expand the inventory, extend the device lifespan, and improve overall maintenance practices among the staff and students.


Time was of the essence.

Florence 1 Schools was looking for a new system that would be easy to adopt and use. With big plans for the upcoming 1:1 fleet rollout, Florence 1 Schools needed a technology solution that was designed specifically for K-12 schools, was easy to adopt, and required minimal training for the staff.

The upcoming 1:1 program required a great deal of manual processing. The existing methods were inefficient and were putting the entire school district in a time crunch to roll out new assets. Florence 1 Schools was in search of a reliable partner that would address their needs and implement the integration in a timely manner.


The absence of a centralized inventory and data collection made it difficult for district school administration to see the big picture and strategically plan new device rollouts.

The district school management was missing key information to make strategic decisions about new device rollouts. Florence 1 wanted to generate statistics of overall usage habits by user groups, devices that were most frequently damaged by certain grades, and other key insights.

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The Solution:

Florence 1 Partners with One to One Plus to Adopt Their New Technology Management System

In January 2017, Florence 1 Schools partnered with One to One Plus to modernize its school technology management system and tackle the existing challenges.

    • One to One Plus is an all-in-one, integrated technology system that connects all 23 Florence 1 schools and their inventories. The dashboard allows district administration to access all key insights from a single place.
    • Florence 1 created a centralized repository with One to One Plus. The repository can be searched and managed anywhere, anytime, by anyone that has the appropriate access credentials. Teachers and staff are no longer bound by excel spreadsheets and physical documents that could easily be lost or damaged.
    • Since One to One Plus software is designed specifically for K-12 schools and their needs, it’s highly intuitive and easy to learn for the school staff. Each new Florence 1 staff member required only 20-30 minutes of training to start using the system.
    • All relevant parameters were pre-set before system deployment so that the school district can generate important statistics in the future.
    • All initial planning and ongoing issues were quickly resolved with the help of the dedicated customer support team at One to One Plus.

The Outcome:

Florence 1 Schools now operates with a modern technology management system and is able to regularly improve its inventory maintenance processes.

Asset and inventory management in Florence 1 School District has become exceedingly well organized. By modernizing its school technology, Florence 1 was able to not only overcome its existing challenges but also expand its inventory system to new device types.


Transparency Between Schools with a Centralized Inventory

One of the key benefits of adopting One to One Plus software is the centralized inventory, which is a transparent way for schools to handle the day-to-day tasks of checking devices in and out and for district staff to get accurate reporting on asset usage and damages that happen on a daily basis.

Higher Accountability Among Staff and Students

Adopting the One to One Plus system has been a community project that involved the staff, students, and the district administration. As a result, the level of accountability has increased, which helped save up on replacement and repair costs by reducing the number of missing and damaged devices.

Reliable Statistics That Helps the School Districts to Make Strategic Decisions

By using the pre-built reporting options, Florence 1 was able to generate statistics like how often Chromebooks are damaged by grade, which users are particularly bad about damaging a device, and utilization of each device. These numbers help district administration to implement appropriate programs to increase efficiency and extend device lifespan.

Opportunity to Expand

When Florence One originally implemented One to One Plus software, they began with importing their one-to-one device fleet and have since expanded their system to include printers and smartboards.
Quotation Mark

Florence One Schools originally partnered with One to One Plus as they were planning their initial 1:1 rollout to students. We worked side by side with their technology team and media specialist to successfully develop and execute the deployment of their initial student devices.

Since that time, Florence One schools has continued to grow in their utilization of the software to now include managing all of their technology assets, as well as utilizing the help desk system.

Florence One Schools is a very progressive school district, so they have been a great partner district and instrumental in new features that have been added to the software over the years.”

– Burt Lancaster. Founder/CEO, One to One Plus

About One to One Plus

Built exclusively to serve K-12 school systems, One to One Plus helps school systems of all sizes across the United States simplify, integrate and streamline asset, 1:1, inventory, and work order management processes.

To learn more about One to One Plus software and how it can help you overcome the challenges at your K-12 school, email info@onetooneplus.com or contact us online.

It’s an all-in-one integrated solution with an extensive list of features, including:

  • Asset Management
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  • Student, Staff, and Location Profiles
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